Mad World by Gary Jules

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hey Vinekeeper,

As far as fighting for liberty and quoting New Hampshire's state motto "Live Free or Die" I am no longer under the delusion that major "events" happen by accident. The likely hood of being left alone in an ideal collapse scenario like in "The World Made by Hand" is slim. I can't hide in the woods and pretend it's not happening. As far as being a "sincere builder" and "building what's right" I believe it's already been built but we've let it go into serious disrepair. The founders of this country dealt with the same things that are happening now, they actually tried to put up every road block they could to slow it down. By not continuing to declare our freedom we not only forget our heritage (as you point out) but we actually allow the weeds to take root in this beautiful garden.

In responce to flapping your arms:

I took on the title of Pete R. Pan after building my sailboat Tinkerbelle. Check it out if you haven't seen it: The reason behind the name was Tinkerbelle took the kids to neverland where they always had fun and never grew old kinda like in the bible when it says "you must become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven". One thing that I noticed early in life is that most older people where grumpy, miserable, and downright mean. I told myself I would never be like that. If growing up means that you turn into a jerk than I don't want to have anything to do with it. Experience has shown me how life can screw with you and make you forget where you came from. There is alot to be upset about here, and it's hard not to shout about how wrong it is. If everyone really does know how bad it is, how come they all go along with it?

I sign maybe five petitions a week, I call senators and congressman sometime multiple times in the same day. I was sending out lots of emails till a few people got upset about it and I started up the blog again. If the silent majority would speak up things probably wouldn't have gotten to this point. This is a government of those that participate and it's mostly corporations.

They've broken through our lines because of our apathy. Freedom states drawing a line in the sand is the next line of defense. I'm ready to vote with my feet and go where personal freedom is defended. The future is going to be pretty bad for who's ever left to inhabit it unless we try to make it better. I could go as far out into the woods as possible and live out my days but I wouldn't be helping anybody but myself. How can you be happy when you know that so many aren't? Is there a greater purpose to being here than eating and shitting? It would be nice if the trail was in a little bit better shape for the next guy.

Please don't use my name on the blog, I want to stay anonymous. I couldn't figure out how to take my name off your post so I deleted the whole thing. Not to mention I was sorta ticked at you at first, but I not only forgive you but I thank you for the energy.

My community is the one that supports each others freedom. I've been all over this country and halfway around the world. I know how to make friends and I can carve out my niche.

Action plan? My efforts as an armchair constituent aren't good enough!? :-( Imagine if hundred million did what little I do. So I'm going to tell everyone I know, I'm going to tell people I don't know. I want people to know they aren't alone, I want to know I'm not alone either.

I see no point in tip toeing through life to arrive safely at death. I am not going to contort myself to fit into the machine. I am not having any children, I was "fixed" several years ago. That doesn't mean that I hate people. We should be working for a better quality of life, it's directly proportionate to how tightly we are packed in here. Will the earth worshippers put us down with a wimper or a bang? The world they've designed doesn't look like anything I'd want my offspring to live in. Still, is it right the ones that are already here should be thrown to the jackals?

I think we need to stand with states that defend freedom, if that means a revolution or god forbid a civil war so be it.

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"Anyone who tells you that 'It Can't Happen Here' is whistling past the graveyard of history. There is no 'house rule' that bars tyranny coming to America. History is replete with republics whose people grew complacent and descended into imperial butchery and chaos." -- Mike Vanderboegh : (1953- ) Alabama Minuteman


  1. "I could go as far out into the woods as possible and live out my days but I wouldn't be helping anybody but myself."

    That is exactly what I crave to do..

    Why is it so wrong to only want to help myself and the immediate people I care about?

    Why care about those who don't care to help themselves?

    Why carry the weight of the world on your back?

  2. I'd like to live out in the woods and be left alone too. The point is they aren't going to leave you alone. There is no free land, you have to make money to trade for it. They tax you along the way, then when you get your land you are taxed just for having it. So you have to keep doing something to keep a supply of coins to pay the kings taxes. The new Health Care bill forces you to pay for insurance, pay a fine to the IRS, or go to jail. Does this make sense? Not taking action is the same as consent. There is an unfortunet social responcibility in being human. Somebody is always trying to take from everyone else unless we stand up for ourselves. I don't want to sit around watching the light get dimmer and dimmer until I'm dead.