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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health, the Unintended Consequence of Economic Depression.

One hopeful consequence of having more time on our hands will be health, maybe even some happiness. In the rush to go nowhere during the twentieth century we had definitely sacrificed both. Fast food became the norm, nobody had the time to pay attention to what they were eating while they rushed off to their important jobs. Progress removed the need for natural exercise from our daily routine. We’d wake up in the morning and take a seat in our car, drive to work where the “educated” had a desk job where they could sit all day, then we’d go back to sitting in our car for the drive home and plop down on the couch till it was time for bed. Is it really any wonder why so many are obese? Progress has reduced us to meat bags on a stick. (I'm aware of the irony of that picture of me at the top of this blog ;-P ) Once you’ve put on 400 or 500 pounds you decide to get a gym membership to remind your body what it’s like to move. It’s silly that we now PAY to do meaningless physical labor, (real progress).

If more people started gardening again it would benefit us in many ways. I know what you're thinking, “only a peasant slave would say such a thing” or “we don’t need to do that anymore” ;-) While it’s true big agro-business has taken over food production for the masses, is it really an improvement? Do you think Monsanto’s genetically modified corn is better for you than the original? How about DuPont's variety? Are all the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used to grow it improving your health? Curing cancer isn’t some mystical far out breakthrough. It’s easy, quit eating chemicals that don’t belong in your body. If a pesticide sprayed on a food plant kills other critters are we really so brain dead that we think it won't harm us when WE eat it?

Taking control of what fuels your body is real progress. Big corporations don’t care about you, they only care about the bottom line. Congress votes in favor of who pays them the most. Don’t expect Big Brother to make decisions that are going to keep you healthy. That is your responsibility. There is an alternative however to putting yourself in the warm sunshine and having the satisfaction of turning the soil. A growing number of organic supermarkets offer food the way God intended for double or triple the price and it’s totally worth it. When you consider the cost of health complications down the road from eating garbage and how you feel day to day the choice becomes clear. If you've got the money to pay for it that's great, but I feel that growing food yourself is even more rewarding. There is something magic about springtime, the sun comes out and the earth warms up.

There is a certain sense of security knowing you can provide for yourself. As the diseased central banks spread sickness though the governments of the world and they begin to die, the probability of chaos seems likely. Depending on that system to support us is insane. While the system still has a heart beat it seems prudent to begin cultivating some gardening skills. This way you have something to fall back on as you are learning. If you wait till all hell brakes loose before you plant your first seed, crop failure will be more than a learning experience. Oh yeah, did I mention it's fun to be outside in the sunshine? If you get started this year, those little seed packs that you buy will multiply. If you purchase some open pollinated heirloom variety seeds (the natural non-hybrid type you can replant generation after generation) and save the seeds, the second year you will have enough seeds to plant a field.

If we are lucky the current depression will become so bad most of us will have to revert back to small scale farming, and we will be much healthier for it. It will improve our health both physically and nutritionally, and if I may be so bold, I think it will improve our spiritual health as well.

To learn more about Codex Alimentarious, the McCain/Harkin (Fake) Food and Supplement “Safety” Bills, and other immediate threats to your health. Visit this link.

A friend of mine turned me on to this video, I like it!

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  1. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world?

    What's your healing plan?