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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is America is Dead?

It seems like America now only exists in history books. Everything that is happening right now is wrong, but when you flip around your perspective, cross your eyes a bit and think like a tyrant you can understand why.

The next logical step is to shut down the Internet. They can't have us freely sharing information with each other and realizing the full scope of his worldwide scam. I would expect these world government types to conduct a false flag Internet event, paint "terrorism" on it, and shut down all access to real information pretty soon. The
9/11 cat is out of the bag, more people wake up everyday and can see right through the lies. We are reaching a critical mass. The states are beginning to push back. The liars are chasing their tail trying to cover all this up. They need another shock and awe distraction to disrupt the developing culture and cut off the supply of information not under their control.

We are dealing with the same old run of the mill greed the world has dealt with for centuries. They think the same old tired crap they've always thought. Not that they're listening, but I do have some free advise. You'll never hold onto control through aggression and brute force, you make way to many enemies. Your not much of a leader if people curse you under their breath. If you did something REALLY great, who wouldn't want to stand with you? If you did something to benefit everyone on this rock we'd all move together. You'll never get someone to put their heart into it out of fear. A house built on lies and corruption will fall. Your time at the top will be limited.

Here are a few more good sites recently shared with me:

And a few old standbys:

Action alert!
Fed gets new oversight powers under Dodd bill The last thing we should do is give this currupt institution more power! Tell your congressmen and senators to support Ron Pauls bill to Audit the FED! Damn good for nothing prostitutes.

Read this article: The Last Hope I really like what the author says here. I'll move to any state that respects my personal freedom. Laws written that violate the constitution aren't laws, just words on paper. The constitution says any power not specifically designated to Washington belongs to the states and the people.

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,
Pete R. Pan

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