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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There are no problems only solutions.....

It seems doom and gloom are not popular topics. I checked the stats and It seems I'm really not getting too much interest on this site. Maybe everybody already knows that things are fucked up and are tired of hearing about it. Perhaps people are more interested in solutions than what's wrong. As far as solutions go I'm open to suggestions. The founding fathers said they were led by divine providence. Maybe I need to develop a stronger faith that things are going to be alright. Or get comfortable with the fact that things may not be alright in the near term but hopefull things will get better in the future. Or be greatfull things are still pretty good right now. At any rate I think I will change the direction of this blog to seek out solutions rather than presenting various forms of the problem.

Ok, so here are some random solutions in no particular order.

* Be more self sufficient, try to live seprate from and outside the system.
* Use the barter system instead of the Feds dirty fiat money.
* Promote a local currency in your community.
* Grow your own chemical free food.
* Buy local (monsanto free) organic food from your local farmers market.
* Make more of your own stuff.
* Buy local, support your community.
* Boycott chain stores, resturaunts, walmarts, etc...
* Cut up your credit cards, using them raises the price for all of us and only profits the banks.
* Be a leader, share what you know with people in your community.
* Fix it and use it some more before you throw it away.
* Keep an open mind.
* Call your Senators and Congressman and tell them what to do!
* Sign petitions
* Visit the forest to get your mind straight once in awhile.
* Treat people with love and respect. (you attract more flies with honey than vinegar) AHA that's why nobody reads this blog :-P
* Try not to buy much gasoline, make biodiesel, run your car on woodgas, get an electric car, ride a bike, walk, hitch a ride with a friend. (I know, I'm addicted too....if only it was still $1.25 gal....)
* Eat less
* Exercise more
* Know your rights and exercise those too.
* Have fun
* Keep in touch with people
* live like you mean it

Feel free to add to the list!

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