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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Onion News Weighs in.

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

This second video is a multi part video presenting how corrupt corporate media really is. It's long but very informative.

There is no way to avoid what's ahead. The tracks have been laid and the train has long since left the station. Just as the seasons must progress from Spring to Summer through Fall and into Winter, a Crisis must follow an Unraveling. History does not have a rewind button. The country has become weak and fragile. The short-sighted economic choices and deferred fiscal decisions will collide with peak oil and uncontrolled globalization to inflict a horrific resolution to this Crisis. The gravity of our situation cannot be overstated. As politicians and the mainstream media play pretend games of recovery and false optimism, the country hurtles closer to the abyss. You may have noticed that as a country we not only did not prepare for Winter, we proceeded like it would never come. No leader has emerged to bluntly speak the truth to the American people. The free spending junkie government has finally been cut off by the Fed. Expect it to thrash about as the high wears off. All that is left is for individuals to prepare their families for the immense challenges ahead.

As Jim Quinn points out, we have gotten to a point where most of those who have the power to make the necessary changes have refused to do so, either because they are ignorant of the facts or are ignoring the signs altogether.

This leaves us with one option, which is essentially to prepare ourselves, as individuals, families and close community units, to weather the coming storm. We’re talking much more than just storing freeze-dried food, ammo and gas. To prepare for an event like this requires a different kind of mindset - one of sustainability and self reliance that will require a dynamic approach to a variety of problems. We need to become more self reliant in terms of income generation, food procurement, and energy production. It’s time to get back to our rugged American roots and start doing things for ourselves instead of holding out our hands looking for freebies from a broke government support system.

I might add, as we begin to recoil from the financial institutions ourselves and the drugged mania they offered we will find a new happiness. There is a more sane and natural life on the other end of this, although it will be painful getting there.

Quote of the Day:

When the rules of the game are rigged you will always lose.
~Pete R. Pan

also "When the game is no longer fun to play, Stop."
by me too :-P

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  1. You said,

    "we have gotten to a point where most of those who have the power to make the necessary changes have refused to do so, either because they are ignorant of the facts or are ignoring the signs altogether."

    There may be at least one other possibility. That is ... there is really nothing that CAN be done. This culture seems constrained to act out its madness in full. The best it can do is pretend nothing is happening and pulling all stops to persuade or distract the others to believe also that nothing unusual is happening.

    I've long been struck by the analogy and timing of that plane that landed in the Hudson River. Maybe that's the best they can really do ... keep the masses calm and hope for a soft landing. A soft landing in this case is a prolonged landing, because the destination is still the same ... we are going to feel some cold chilling water most likely. The wakeups could be swift and shuddering ... even on a soft landing.

    All the blather from all the sources is primarily to keep the masses distracted. Let's convince them that the real issue of the day is health care. Horse Hockey. The issue of the day is really how we will adapt through the most severe transition any of us have seen ... perhaps a transition of historic proportions.

    In any case, if we know who we are and know what's around us and how to use it, and have friends and neighbors we can trust and truly help ... we might squeak by.

    But there HAS to be something better somewhere in the future? Human potential is too sweet to have wasted itself on this current streaming, screaming madness of lies and blunders.

    It is over. The plane ... the culture is headed for the ditch. Everything we thought we knew and thought would happen now likely all proves to be wrong. Can we adapt?

    I know it is human potential to adapt. How screwed up are WE? That's the real question now.

    Thoreau said that the "civilized" people around him in his time "would starve in the midst of plenty, for want of a luxury."

    We are surrounded by plenty. Its right in front of us. Make friends with as many farmers as you can ... just the smart ones who are not totally dependent on outside resources. Make gardens aplenty. We will all be good farmers soon.