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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Startling predictions from Gerald Celente

I'm not an advocate of Fox News in case you were wondering. This video is up because of Gerald Celente. (Also I'm neither an advocate of CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, TIME, NEWSWEEK, or any other money controlled propaganda investments.)

When we blindly accept history as it's been told to us by the book makers we may be denying ourselves the critical truth that enables us to make sense of living on this planet at this time. Who's has profited from every modern war? How did the great depression come about? Who profited from the great depression and how? Why were the Germans so mad at the Jews? Who is in charge of the central banks?

The few that have the power don't deserve it. The world is not better for their leadership. The lowest scum of humanity fight, bribe, and kill their way to the top. They fight anyone who tries to climb up the mountain and challenge their rule. They are a sad selfish lot. Their selfishness has caused the entropy that we see in the world today. It's not your fault or mine, they actively pursue a policy of dumbing down the masses in order to hold on to their empire. If people were informed and working together for the common good, everyone would be doing better. But as Frederick Bastiat has said we live in a society of plunder, everyman for himself. The masses feed off their young. The upper tiers of the robber class have however shown some interest in making the future better for their beneficiaries. Climate change and "the green movement", is something most people can get behind at face value. Unfortunately through this front they plan to increase energy cost on consumers through creative taxes, encourage depopulation, and basically whittle us down to a manageable sized slave class so they can continue living life by sucking it out of others. As chaotic as it seems it has all been planned.

Recent net news on the threats to your freedoms and the plan for us landless peasant slaves. (Don't be fooled, do you pay property taxes? Will they take away your property if you don't pay them? Then it's the kings land, we only purchase the right to rent it.)

License Plate Software Stirs Privacy Concerns It's not enough that they can track us with our cellphones. Keep an eye out for the chipped ID cards too, tell them over and over NO WAY!

I.M.F. Chief Suggests Look at New Reserve Currency You see, the world bankers planned to cause a worldwide financial collapse in order to usher in a world currency.

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."

--Baron M.A. Rothschild

When you control the money you control the politicians, get it?

Bernanke delivers blunt warning on U.S. debt He's saying that the FED will no longer be the buyer of last resort for U.S. Debt. What he's really saying is the worldwide banking cartel is loyal to international commerce not to the interest to the United States or the people living here. Then again neither is our "leadership" they spent us into an unsustainable debt as instructed. Now the fed has drawn the line in the sand. When the next bond auction fails they will only be able to sell bonds by raising interest rates. Get ready for the biggest depression ever. This will be the open door to usher in the "solutions".

Cybersecurity bill to give president new emergency powers Our last vestige of free speech and real news will be shut off at some point in the future. They fear freedom of thought that they don't control. CNN recently aired a special called "cyber shock wave" in which they outlined how they would shut down the Internet and declare martial law during a false flag attack against our infrastructure. We've been warned. Learn about shortwave and ham radio, learn how to protect electronics in the event of an emp.

Louisiana Cops Plan for “End of the World” Scenario Maybe we all should.


  1. Hey, Celente is right, but in short order we will be looking back and seeing that what he is saying (apparently in 2008?) was perfectly obvious all along.

    Yes, the bad news is that "business as usual" is finished ... not for a quarter or two ... but FOREVER! The worse news is the dumbing fantasy of cheerleaders behind 65-0 thinking the great comeback is certain and just ahead.

    Learn to live with it ... or perish.

    Its OVER boys and girls!

    ps: Why are they talking in a bar? I hate the talking head thing ... or in this case, the talking chest. Can we enjoy the message if she were wearing a turtle neck? I'm tired of being talked to below the waist. I'm tired of bare anything on a woman. It has cheapened the whole gender. Its infonews for idiots.

  2. It's Fox News. News corp is very low brow. If you notice all their reporters are beautiful and wear skimpy outfits. They don't report news, just propaganda. The skin factor is there to keep your mind numb. I only posted this because it is good to hear what George Celente said. In general I don't consider Fox to be a "news" source.