Mad World by Gary Jules

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More bailouts

All this government spending is making me sick. The only one who benefits from all this debt is the federal reserve bank. I'm sure the current "crisis" was contrived to encourage panic and more government spending. These fools will believe anything, the fear in these dupes is so predictable! It doesn't even matter what the money gets spent on as long as the fools borrow it. Seeing these idiots smile and pat each other on the back for signing these bailout bills is unsettling to say the least. Where is this country going? Americans have turned into a bunch of wet noodles. We are stronger and smarter than this. Humans have lived thousands of years generation after generations and our species has survived real adversity to get here. We don't need fear and speed pushing this kind of shit on people. Stand tall, be strong, there is nothing to fear. The best decisions are made with a calm clear mind.

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