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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comments from Jon :-)

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From: 4fr_friendDate: Jan 6, 2009 7:34 AM

Hi Pan,

I do not see you as TOO negative... you and I are somewhat the same in that we like to state the hard facts even if the facts are not pretty, so others that do not like bad or ugly news tend to want to shoot the messenger so to speak. For example, here are some facts I see concerning the overpopulation situation. Nice knowing you Dan, I'll probably get shot for this factual example, so remember me ok. lol Most human reproduction happens when the parents are younger and not so educated as to the world population situation. You are an exception to that, you learned and or opened your eyes to the problem and did something about it. :-) But most people I know from 16 up to 30 don't give much if any thought to family planning, they just do it because it feels good and *POP**POP**POP* many kids result. I know of other young (single woman mostly) that intentionaly have more kids to get bigger welfare or child support checks. Now if that is not a sad situation, I'm not sure what is. I know of other young parents (teens and 20's) that seem to be having kids to keep up with the Joans's so to speak. The thinking going something like.. .o(OH look at out friends new baby, it's so cute, I want one too!) then *POP**POP**POP*. What they should be doing it getting a puppy! At least then they have something to practice parenting on, and if they can't learn how to be responsible with a puppy, at least they can give it away. And even if the dog survived it to full age, there is much less impact on the plannet than a human baby will be. And in some cultures the dog would not be wasted, it would become a meal. Not a graphic that many people would want to see. But this is just one example of the FACTS that are not pretty or acceptable by many people, even if it is a good idea in some way or another. Here is a idea, a robotic baby simulator that excretes foul smelling solids and liquids and crys loudly and at night or any time the robotic baby is not cared for properly. My son just informed me that they do have a baby simulator, minus the foul smelling parts. Well anyway, I need to get off the computer and go feed my animals and boiler and myself. TTYL :-) soak up some of that warm sun for me! It's only 7 deg here this morning and 62 in the house. Later.... Jon

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