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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Breaking the ice

I've been so excited reading my friends blog that I've become inspired to create my own, well that and my attempts at taking hers over have failed...hehe j/k... Seriously though I guess some of my friends readers didn't like hearing what I had to say and thought I was polluting her site with my post.

Probably cause I say things like "at least I'm not polluting the world with humans". It seems the stay at home and watch reality on tv movement has truly separated our minds from the most real and present danger facing the planet. Us, you and me....we humans are really making a mess of the planet and we're doing it at break neck speed. It isn't like one evil group of us is doing all the dirty work either, although Americans are contributing a much higher dose of destructive force per person than any other group of humans on the planet. My friend tells me that when I express my views and the urgent need to change direction I get loud and negative about humans. She tells me that turns people off from my message. I will do my best to be cheerful, positive, and at the same time honest. I feel a compelling urge to talk about over population and how it will effect future generations of not only humans but all life here on Earth.

I do have hope for the world. The planet will right itself one way or the other. I really don't want to make people feel bad, most people have children and they have really nice children. I am doing what I think is right to make my future, the future of our species, and all the other critters on the planet better, the best way I know how. I try to talk to lots of young people my age and explain how my great grand parents (mom's grandparents) created over 500 people that currently walk the earth, and my circumstances are not exceptional, or unusual :-)

The population of the planet has doubled since 1980. We shouldn't need war, sickness, or food shortages to keep our numbers in check, we should be doing that consciously. Pretty much we need to adjust, either the out in the open painless way or we keep on with the silly blinders on till we really get ourselves in real trouble way. My post will be about lots of things, our staggering numbers will be one of them. Just so you know I've never added to the problem and I've was fixed when I was 23.

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  1. Yep, sounds exactly right. I also do want to make it clear that I agree with your message wholeheartedly. Our world is headed down the tubes (fast) and the true reality is that it is overpopulated. I know that people don't like to hear that, but it is the truth. Got any good statistics you can post sometime? People hear the term "overpopulatd" and they really don't seem to understand. They just say, "No, it isn't," based on how the world was previously. People need to quit looking at the past and into the present! I hope you can shed some light on the real problems in the current world, (even better than Bill Nye the Science Guy), and how WE are causing them, EVEN IF WE DON'T MEAN TO BE :) It is just a fact, we can't help it that we are here, destroying the earth (all of us, even me, every day, without meaning to). But we CAN help the situation by not adding to the mess and creating even more of us. The population is growing exponentially, and the world is only so big. I realize that the problem isn't how much space our bodies actually take up - the problem lies in how much space all of our STUFF takes up - each one of us needs 1 or 2 vehicles, 1 or 2 houses, the material that built everything we own, food, our own plot of land, furniture, etc. The world only provides a limited amount of resources. Clean air, clean water, oil, healthy soil to grow food... And the true reality of it is, with so many people creating so much waste, how long will it take before the earth is just covered with landfills and graveyards? And things like air pollution, global warming, oil shortages, all that stuff is a result of what we are doing as humans. If there were less of us, like back years ago, the earth would be able to "do it's thing" more naturally. Instead, we are covering it with more and more chain stores to supply products to all the expanding families.. Ugh. And then every product has some form of packaging that never goes away... It makes me sick.

    I just didn't want the focus of my personal blog to turn in a different direction with off-topic posts, but this message needs to be shared. I have an IUD (good for 10 years) and never plan to have children. There are truly too many of us. The decision to "not have kids" is one of the most important decisions a person can make, because there is an infinite number of people inside each one of us, and the increasing population is destroying the planet at an alarming rate. I don't think many people realize that, or else they flat-out just don't care. What is this world becoming? Do they think all their garbage just disappears when it gets taken away from the curb? Does anyone pay attention to what is actually going on in the world as a result of there being too many of us? If people truly love children, then people shouldn't have them. It sounds backwards, I agree, but the reality is this: IF you LOVE kids (like I do and I know you do, because everyone loves kids!) then you need to realize that the world is in really rough shape and going downhill fast. The future generations (the kids that people are deciding to have RIGHT NOW) will not have the same good lives that we have had. (And I hope this blog can show people WHY things are different now than they were then.) If you care about children, it seems like you wouldn't bring them into this world to begin with. Especially with so many that already need adopted in order to grow up positively.

    I'm glad that you started this site and hope that people can understand the positive message that you would like to convey. It is NOT a negative one. This is the perfect place to tell people all about it. I know that you and I both love our planet immensely and we want it to survive and thrive for many years to come. I hope there are many more people out there that care about this issue just as strongly, because there need to be. The future of everything is within our power. We all just need to come together and make the right decisions.