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Friday, June 25, 2010

Survey Results!

1. Who would you rather have in the White House Barack Obama or Ron Paul?

Barack Obama 18.8%
Ron Paul 68.8%
neither 12.5%

2. Are we headed for a double dip recession?

Yes 88.2%
NO 5.9%

3. Is the current human population on the planet sustainable?

Yes 47.1%
NO 52.9%

4. What is the purpose of the war in Afganistan, Iraq, and Pakistan?

Terror 5.9%
Oil 52.9%
not sure 17.6%
Other 23.5%

(1. As a european I have to admit that now in 2010 -we have no idea what your purposes are. Most of us are just glad as hell that you got rid of Bush the monkey who pushed the red button.)

(2. The war industry makes massive profits from war. Their goal is to develop new weapons adapted to urban combat. Vietnam helped adapt to jungle combat. The bottom line is that war is a very lucrative business. Oil is another benefit for sure though.)

(3. distraction from larger plans)

(4. Combination Oil, Defense lobby, and to get us in debt to the Fed.)

5. Is the Federal Reserve Bank Part of the Government?

Yes 11.8%
NO 76.5%
Don't Know 11.8%

6. Should the government force people to buy health insurance?

Yes 11.8%
NO 88.2%

7. How would you rate the government?

Soft Tyranny 64.7%
government is a Drag 23.5%
Neutral 11.8%
It's Ok 11.8%
They're doing a great job! 0.0%

8. Would you vote for me in an election?

Hell no! 17.6%
If you paid me 17.6%
maybe 35.3%
Right on, power to the people! 35.3%

9. Is anything going to happen on December 2012?

We're doomed 17.6%
Nah, just another Y2K 52.9%
Undecided 29.4%

10. How did Building 7, the 3rd World Trade center building to collapse on 9/11 come down?

Act of God 8.3%
Controlled Demolition 91.7%
(Other replies)

(1. rigged bomb)

(2. Well, a bit of both maybe? ( -while understated that I don't belive in god) But sure, the buildings falling straight down seems a bit odd. Even more the fact that this probably was a teamwork between your government at the time and some poor brainwashed arabics.)

(3. sheer stupidity ... like this "survey")

(4. Really....)

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey if you did, it was fun.

Quote of the day:
"Don't worry, pour a little Corexit on it."

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